Csata : Related words

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Semantic1 kin of csata ⁞ chádóng 2battle include:


csata battle, fight, struggle, dispute, wrangle
csatár striker, forward
csattog ➾ to make a crack(ing) or clap(ping) <sound> 3
csőd bankruptcy, failure
csuda devil, hell 4
cudar rascally, villainous-mean, wicked
csapat troop
csorda <cattle>herd

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  1. Semantic refers to having a relationship of meaning in language or logic.
  2. Spelling history: ➦ chyaadaong◦ (20th c); ➦ čádóng, chádóng▪ (21st c.)
  3. Used especially when speaking of the sound of clashing swords in a duel.
  4. As in Csuda vigyen el! Devil take you away!