Csata : Official etymology

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Csata : Official etymologyThe noun  csata  ⁞  chyaadaong1 ⁞  battle  is said to derive from Serbo-Croation.

According to the MTA2, the etymology of the Serbo-Croation word is of unclear origin.3


Wiktionary expands on the above, offering the Proto-Slavic form *četa. It also shares some Slavic conjectured derivatives, including Russian чета.

From it we learn...

    1. A few more definitions for četa:
      1. Russian: csapat, sokaság, közösség troop, multitude, community
      2. Czech: <katonai> szakasz, osztag platoon, squad
      3. Bulgarian: olavsni to read (yes, this is listed as a descendant of *četa)

Csata : Official etymology

  1. Another "possible source" (and another lead for us):
    1. Latin caterva : tömeg, banda crowd, band

Where could Latin have gotten this word?


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  1. Spelling history: ➦ chyaadaong◦ (20th c); ➦ čádóng, chádóng▪ (21st c.)
  2. Magyar Tudományos Akadémia  Nyelvtudományi Intézete (The Research Institute for Linguistics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)