About the Dictionary

The Hungarian-Lepcha Dictionary rests on British, Lepcha, Dutch and American lexicography spanning the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. These  primary sources, alongside other research papers and published books, are the base of 1) the online dictionary and 2) the print volume to come.

About the Author

While a relationship between Hungarian and Himalayan languages had been posited 200 years ago, no previous author has attempted to translate the bulk of the Lepcha language for a Hungarian audience. More on Ilona Meagher.

'Round About

Additional Hungarian-Lepcha-English language resources have been created by the author and are currently available online.

Hungarian version (2016, first draft).

Compare the word lists used by linguists to determine language families.

A collaborative dictionary populated with our translations as time permits.

How about a peek?

While the data is slowly entered, you're invited to poke around a bit in our online dictionary.